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31 December 2037 @ 09:31 pm
This is my Sims 2 blog. I've got one for Sims 3 as well - tigerannesims - although that one is a bit... umm, and I'm going to write new text for all the entries, some day.

LiveJournal is where I come to be evil, so expect the worst at all times.

I play four Legacy Challenges in Sims 2. (Because I'm crazy.) If you're unfamiliar with the term, it basically means that you start out with a super-poor founder, and play their family through 10 generations. In every generation there is an Heir, who's the one you choose to continue the family. You're supposed to follow a set of rules, and keep scores, etc. but I can't be hazzled to do that.

The Magpie Prettacy Uglacy is my oldest Legacy. A Prettacy is when you start with a really hideous founder, and try to make the descendents get prettier with each new generation. The Mags are a huge clan of Troll/Human hybrids who live in a mansion and are filthy rich. They used to be poor as dirt, though. Southern Mountain Trolls are recognized by their long noses and eye-stalks. Pretty is boring. Now they're an UGLACY!

Here there be Trolls!

The MacAvoy ISBI was started soon after the Magpies, and the two families have intermarried a bit. ISBI means "Im Surrounded By Idiots", and you're only allowed to control one single Sim at any time. Which one is the controllable changes once per generation. The rest of the family have to take care of their own needs, which TS2 Sims are known not to be very good at.

Watch the Macs flail about here! :D

The Starbloom Travecy is a gigantic joke. It's got a more story-driven feeling than the other two, and for once I follow the rules! It's basically a parody on all the bad stories I've ever read. Short summary of the plot: Aylatani is beautiful. She's forced to marry Phil, who's an axe-murderer, and much tragedy. The villain is a time-traveller named Edgar, who's ugly. He bribes the doctors who preform Aylatani's plastic surgery into making her ugly too. Her daughter doesn't recognize her, and thinks she's an imposter who has killed her mother. Then it gets very complicated. This tragic story of misery and woe is brought to us by The Narrator, who must remain nameless for the sake of her Grandmother's reputation.

You can read about all their suffering here.

It has a spin-off called the Nightinwolf Chronicles.

The Edgarcy - AKA the Bogweed Prettacy, is my newest legacy. It's founded by Edgar and Aylatani (who was born ugly, this time). As usual, it's the Narrator who tells the tale. This time, they find themselves in an almost deserted post-apocalyptic wasteland, where they have to deal with their hostile elven neighbour and lots of people who seem to know more about them than they know about themselves.

The Edgarcy can be found here.

The Asylum Challenge, which I keep forgetting that I'm playing, is the origin of characters like Petunia, Esso the Assassin, Monrad, Ethan and Aniya. Edit: This challenge is finished! :)

Most cheaty Asylum ever.

The Athertons was my first challenge. It was an aging-off "ISBI", with a teen in charge for extra problems. If you're new, and want to read my entire blog chronologically, this is where it started.

The Athertons are kind of dumb.

I can never guarantee that you will not want to strangle me after reading any given entry. You must read at your own risk.

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Steal A Magpie!

Rescue A MacAvoy!

Save A Starbloom!

Family Trees - Text Only
14 January 2017 @ 11:25 pm
HiiIIii! I just wanted to say that my awful nemesis enemy Tameron has started a blog. She's mostly just angry about stuff, but she's got some Sims for download. If you need really weird Sims for a prettacy or uglacy, you should really look at hers. She's got really strict rules for who can download them, but just do it anyway, because that would make Tameron really mad, and that's fun. :D
13 January 2017 @ 06:27 pm
*Points to icon* This is a thylacine. They lived on the island of Tasmania, and most likely went extinct in the late 30s. And yet... people keep seeing animals that resemble them. Most of the sightings are actually from mainland Australia, where they are rumoured to having been secretly reintroduced in the early 20th century. Every now and then, a poor-quality video showing *something* makes the rounds, claimed to be footage of living thylacines.

I'm usually very, very sceptical to this sort of videos, for all the obvious reasons. This one, which apparently surfaced last autumn, is rather interesting, though. As usual, the footage is terrible quality, and you can't tell what the colour of anything is supposed to be. What is cool about this video, is that you can see the outline of the animal's bodyshape quite clearly. This is a creature that has a very long tail, much longer than dogs usually do. Dingos are dogs, they have dog tails. This animal doesn't move its tail the way dogs do. I can't say I know what we're looking at in this video, but I don't think it's a dog. The voice-over points out that its running style isn't like a fox'. It's sort of bouncing along, a bit stiffly, while foxes run with smooth, flowing motions like this:

In other words, a fox runs in a way that almost resembles a cat. The mystery animal doesn't.

While I'm pretty sure that this can't possibly be a thylacine, because... they're extinct, I do love a good mystery. :D
04 January 2017 @ 06:03 am
Here I be!
03 January 2017 @ 02:53 pm
There are worries about the viability of LJ again, due to some... Russkij business. I'm not heavily into Russian politics, but rumors have it that LiveLjournal might collapse. Yeah, probably not, but... If you have things stored on here, which you don't want to lose, and don't feel like spending hours copying into documents, making a mirrored account on DreamWidth could be a good idea. (I'm assuming many of you have one already, since this is not the first time the "Putin is reading your diary!" scare has popped up.)

Importing your content from LJ to DW is really easy. You just choose what to import from a check-list, and then you push the button. It will take a few hours to import everything, if you have many entries.

I'm in the process of creating a back-up now. Or rather, it's creating itself as I type. I'll put the link up later, when I have looked through the DW, and made sure all filtered posts are still securely filtered.
01 January 2017 @ 07:56 pm
Here is my ambitious list:

1: I will not let despair win.
2: I will find a "project" for each night after work, even if it is mundane stuff I have to do anyway.
3: I will try to get back in touch with people I know, even if it's just by liking their FB pictures.
4: I will try to be the best I can at work.
5: I will work out a bit, every day, even if I feel that the world is ending, and I want to go to sleep.
6: I will try to learn how to do DIY home-improvement, starting by painting the long-planned work room.
7: I will not let despair win.
8: I will eat lots of fruit and vegetables.
9: I will quit drinking sodas and energy drinks on weekdays.
10: I will go into town every Friday after work, for old times' sake.
11: I will not sleep longer than 9 on days off, unless I has a sick.
12: I will not stay up longer than to 1am, if I have the next day off.
13: I will try to catch up on Game of Thrones, so I know what people are talking about.
14: I will apply for all the "dream jobs" I find listed, even if I have zero chance at getting them.
15: I will actually start an organized attempt at getting my novel series down on "paper."
16: I will not let despair win.
26 December 2016 @ 12:36 am

At some point, some of my Sims will be visiting this lot, which is still under construction.

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24 December 2016 @ 01:33 pm
In honour of acquiring a properly functioning external DVD-drive, and hopefully installing Sims 3 again, I did something questionable. Here be a Simblr. Yes, I know. What was I thinking?

Don't expect much.
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18 December 2016 @ 06:17 pm

If you haven't read 5.6, this is a very mild spoiler. Sorry, but it's still new to me to be able to play in high resolution again. :D
17 December 2016 @ 11:01 pm

Good mercy... Anyway, the Starblooms are still in Victorian England, looking for the mysterious book that holds all of Edgar's dastardly deeds and dark secrets. Last time, their lot was haunted by a lot of monsters that made life ghastly. They turned out to be summoned by the gravestone of Imogen the Ingenue, which turned out to not be her actual grave. Someone is clearly trying to scare the Starblooms away. They've also been getting creepy phone calls, despite having the only phone in existance.

Aamilei and Andrina both grew up to teenagers. Their Victorian innocense was shattered, when Nernia insisted they should be given The Talk. Aami took her aggro out on the monsters in the garden. Elvira Crane, sister of the late Imogen, asked Aylatani to look after her daughter, Virginia, who's being targeted by evil forces. Phil and Aylatani both got their Perma-Plat, and Phil started inventing the car with help from Buck. William moved in, which made Riana very happy.

This chapter features a whole slew of Sims belonging to alittlestrange.

Narrator? Are you ready?

The Victorian expedition comes to its unexpected conclusion.Collapse )