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07 March 2014 @ 07:39 pm
Rescue a MacAvoy!  

Elliott MacAvoy - Founder of the MacAvoy ISBI Legacy. His original dream was to become a criminal mastermind, but instead he had to endure an arduous but respectable career in the military. Produces kids that look exactly like him.

Aspiration: Knowledge

Personality: 5-8-6-3-3

Skin: Pooklet's Rehash skintone 8.

Eyes: CuriousB Sister Moon "Treacle".

Hair: Stakeit-UK Solsbury Hills.

Jeans and jacket: By Amaryll, from the CC version of this set.

Download Elliott

Fronie MacAvoy - Elliott's increasingly daft spouse. Got sued for 15 000 Simoleons because she caused a vindictive wuss to trip. Looks great in brown and blue.

Aspiration: Family

Personality: 9-3-4-5-4

Skin: Pooklet's Rehash skintone 7.

Eyes: CuriousB Sister Moon "Hazel".

Hair: Fainiel Adora Belle.

Brows: Pixelcat Eyes to the Sun in Explosive.

Top: Amaryll Loose Top.

Skirt: Sentate Ruffled Denim Skirt.

Download Fronie

Helena MacAvoy - Second Generation heiress. A very good mother to every other child she has.

Download Helena

Lonzo MacAvoy - Helena's useless criminal husband. He's an elf. Not very good at taking care of himself, but he sure is pretty.

Download Lonzo

Elenora MacAvoy - Helena's younger sister, who aged to death prematurely as a result of being an unfulfilled ISBI spare. Please give her a better life in your own game.

Download Elenora