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TigerAnne Does Questionable Things to Sims.

You have been warned.

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This is my Sims 2 blog. I've also got one for TS3, simply called tigerannesims.

I'm a terrible person. My Sims all lead dysfunctional and bizarre lives, that probably reflect what's inside of my head in some way. I make awful jokes, and say things that are way out of line, because I'm a barely civilized peasant from the more feral parts of the world. Sometimes I need to lock posts because of something I said when I was 6 months younger and stupider. I was raised by people who listened to Dolly Parton.

My emotional perception is stunted and misshapen after watching too many episodes of police dramas. Not sure I will ever forgive ITV for axing Whitechapel. I'm slightly obsessed with criminology, unsolved mysteries, and detective work in general, so I can be a very... interesting person to eat lunch with.

I make references to famous bad fanfictions all the time.

"Tiger" in my username doesn't refer to big, stripey cats, but to the animal in my avatar - thylacine alias "Tasmanian Tiger". Look it up, they're awesome! I Believe...

The blog contains the following warnings: Cartoon violence, lame humor, wolves, lack of diversity, retro wallpaper, TigerAnne is evil, old CC, blatant ignorance of Tumblr, ingame camera, babby's formed, grown men crying, 200 Sims in one family, nannies and parental favourism.

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